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Finished Products of Rabies Vaccine


หมายเลขรุ่น: 1ml/vial

[Administration and dosage]

(1) The deltoid muscle of the upper arm is the recommended site for intramuscular i.m. administration. For young children, inoculate the vaccine in the muscle at anteroexternal aspect of the thigh.

(2) Postexposure immunization schedule:

Normally one dose of the vaccine shall be administered to the exposed person on day 0 (the first day i. e. that very day), 3 (the fourth day, analogically henceforth), 7, 14, and 28, consecutively, five doses in total. Children shall be treated in the same way. It is recommended to double the first dose of the vaccine in case of one of the following conditions:

Rabies Vaccine

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